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Permanent inn resting bonus in new patch?

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They stay for a day or two, unless you rest in another inn. At least they did for me in the previous patch too.



It stays for a set amount of time unless you rest with an option that gives you another bonus. If you use the rest-options without bonuses in either inns, stronghold or camping, you will retain your old bonus until the timer runs out. This was the case since release. I have observed cases where I loose the bonus for other obscure causes, but I'm assuming that was due an insignificant bug and ignored it.

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I guess it could be the bonus is for like 10-14 hours or so, usually I would inn -> travel -> eventually rest so a good deal of time had passed. In the temple of eothas not much time passes before you get there so could be that it's on for more than 8 hours. Hope it's that...literally first time I've ever seen it not disappear on rest though.

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Same for me. It was odd to me, because I understood it as it was supposed to last until you rested - which would've made a lot more sense - than just "forever or until the next Inn". I've had to bonus seemingly randomly disappear at times, though, which is odd.


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