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[Bug] Range of Zealous Focus Aura is Bugged



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Hey guys, I am currently investigating this issue. Can anyone with this bug upload their save file and output log for me?

Thanks for your help!

Got a bug :cat:?? Help us squish it!

  • In your report Include your *save file* (C:\Users\YourNameHere\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity) and ...
  • PC: *output_log.txt* (In your PillarsOfEternity_Data folder)
  • Mac/Linux: *Player.log* (In your Unity folder)

  • Thank you for your help!

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I seem to have the issue, though on testing, my Paladin's aura seems to be larger than the entirety of the game maps -- I can have my party on the opposite side of Dyrford and it'll copy over. Here's an output log attached. Unfortunately it seems my save file is too big to attach.

edit: nevermind I'm not allowed to upload that kind of file?


Hrm. Well, not sure how to send you the savegame(s). It definitely looks like one of those growing with repeated saves bug -- earlier saves of mine the Paladin's aura is very small, closer to what I remember in beta, later saves it encompasses the whole map.


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can confirm this bug. quite early in game too (not yet 4 level) affects chars across entire map

turning it on and off doesnt help, but turning it off, rloadingthen turning it on does

(similar isue, same solution, the area of my cyphers soul shock had increased,but turned back to normalafter loading, and shortly after increases again)

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PIllars of eternty (Hard) 1st playtrough: 155h, 38 m (main Ranger with bear(bow), Eder, Durance(off tank), Hirvais(off tank), Kana(ranged), Aloth/GM)
PIllars of eternty (PtoD) 2nd playtrough: 88h 30 m (main Bleak Walker Paladin, Eder, Barbarian, Monk, Rogue (ranged) Cypher(wand)
(not counting reloads and experimenting)
status i love the game, hate the bugs, and wish for better AI and Pathfinding


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