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Obsidian not addressing serious save issues!



First off I've submitted tons of bugs on these forums and gone so far as to start 2 support tickets. The first has been ignored, second we'll see but the 1.03 patch does nothing to address the game breaking bugs I've encountered on more than one machine under different OS's.


These are just a few of the issues and while the patch may address some of the smaller things I can't test because my saves are corrupt and there was no patch mention of these issues thus I'm not wasting my time starting new games to loose it all again!


-saves display but loading loops back to the menu

-clicking continue loads to black screen

-saves display but loading loops back to the menu

-clicking continue loads to black screen


Lesser bugs still present that I can tell


-game hangs for upwards of 5 minutes before I get a menu



-capes etc do not show on characters
-areas always load with the focus on the bottom left


As for the stat glitches and other random "the game can't do math" issues I can't comment on. However Obsidian's first patch was insane and while they addressed a lot, save loss is beyond a massive game breaking issue that should have been a top 5 priority. I've seen guys on the forums claiming upwards of 40hours lost to deleted or corrupted saves. I've lost about 9 myself. I said it before and I stand by it, this game wasn't gold at launch, it's barely beta and Obsidian seems to be dragging their heels. Game is bloated, slow, full of bugs from minor annoyances to massive faith destroying ones. Sadly the reason I knew this patch was out was because some common person posted a tweet. Good to know twitter gets info and they neglect support tickets or bothering to update their forums here or on Steam.

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