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Stairs bug in defiance bay's lighthouse



I was up the lighthouse for the wailing banshee quest but I can't get out anymore, while the door is open it was not meant to be crossed:


This happened only after the patch though, here is my save file and system specs : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0LtqflWhvf1anVPMzA5ZU5aLUk&usp=sharing
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i have the stair bug too but not the same.

when i wanted  to go upstair, a fight trigger, this was a difficult fight :) so so i just send a ranger pet to trigger the fight and set my party to protected light units. when the fight trigger the pet pop next to me(!). after the fight i go out to take some rest.

when i came back it was impossible to pass the door to go upstair. i can't complete the quest because of this.

i post this here because nob cannot get out and i cannot get it (i prefer this this way, sorry nob :(   )

thanks anyway for this good game.

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