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I have a question regarding the "Go in with the Hood on and answer the Questions" Part.

is it intentional that no Godlike will ever be able to complete this "must" Quest in any even remotely peaceful way?

I mean I get that the are not allowed to wear regular headgear (whichc an be a rather strong disadvantage but I usually go fluff before Power). But a "Plot" item?


So the qeustion: Bug or intentional?

if Intentional, do any of you have another solution that does not require me to slaughter the Temples inhabitants?




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You don't put the hood on manually, via the inventory; you put it on with a dialogue line.  I think it's when you click on the door to enter that you get the option to put the hood on via dialogue line if you have it with you.

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In that case I do ahve a bug, as I ahd it in my inventory (actually I tried it having it in my and all companions inventories) to no avail....


Although not since the patch, maybe....I`ll be lucky. If not I ahve to wait with the main Plotline until its fixed.

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