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Pallegina's Leaden Key quest not triggering



I finished the game and found lack of content for Pallegina surprising. Digging around text files I saw lines for a quest that didn't trigger for me. The quest is meant to happen in third act and involves Leaden Key assassins going after her and the Valian Ambassador. 


What triggers the quest? Do you need to go to a certain location?

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Reloaded a couple times and found out what triggers the quest (and what doesn't).


Pallegina has to be with you when you confront Leaden Key assassins in Stormwall Gorge. You have to kill them, otherwise the Leaden Key quest doesn't trigger.


If you imprison the assassin or kill the Leaden Key assassins while Pallegina is not in party, then one is out of luck. 


I hope the developers are aware of this bug and will fix it soon.

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