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Is anyone else loving the Artwork?

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I don't know who is responsible, but I really like the artwork for The Sith Lords. The white-haired woman has a beautiful Japanese inspired (Samurai?) detailed outfit. The Sith Master's mask/look is African inspired & his/her look has a great menace to it.


Bioware's design's (4000years before ANH) resembled too closely to the current timeline. The Sith Lord's art has a more "ancient" feel to them given their inspirations (Africa/Japan).

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I do enjoy the artwork. I'm really interested in finding out more about the white-haired woman.


Personally, I'm not too keen on the new Sith look. It doesn't nearly convey as much threat and darkness, as Darth Revan's mask did in the first game. Even if we only saw glimpses of the Dark Lord(in his/her full glory, that is).


Personally I think Bioware dod a wonderful job on the artwork in the first game, but mind you alot can happen on The Sith Lords from now, and until the game is released. I remember that the early concept drawings of Bastila, from the first game looked nothing like the final version. Which was beautiful, by the way.


I'm hoping that we will get to see more concept art from Obsidian soon, I'm very interested in how "The White-Woman" evolves...

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Nothing new that is not already present in previous Star Wars materials, even BioWare based their "Sith look" on Star Wars d20 sourcebook artwork.


Not that I am bashing the artist, he did a fine work and remained true to Star Wars original inspirations.

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