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I was reading the strategy guide and it talks briefly about personality, it also points that it has influence based on the order you pick as a paladin.


1. Now i'm not sure if i'll pick a paladin. But as i was looking it seems Intellect, perception and Resolve embody certain personality traits. I asume the higher this stat allows you to unlock conversation options that embody a certain personality. Like intelect unlocks rational. Is this correct?


I'd like my character to value Rational, Honest, Diplomatic and Benevolent. 

I'd rate Rational the highest and the others based on the situation. 

- I want to be Benevolant but if it's irrational to do so I won't or their is too much loss or gain I might be swayed the other way. 

- Honesty is something I value but in the life of an adventurer you sometimes have to use deception to help the one in need or achieve your own goals.

- I do want to solve things diplomaticly, but in gamepedia it's more described as avoiding trouble and neutral instead of using diplomacy to achieve what you believe is best. 

I'd probably rate: Rational > Benevolant > Diplomatic > Honest. 



2. Based on this are their any specific stats i should focus on?


3. Are their any class builds suited for this. Atm it seems paladins are, but their restricted by the order and you'd want to go tank with Darcozzi, Fires of Darcozzi palace seems to good. Based on my value's id either be Goldpact or Shieldbearers of St.Elga (stoic doesn't seem to be my thing). 


4. Is it hard to gain progress with paladin order. Will it be extremely negative if you can't follow the order personality?

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1. Personality traits specific dialogue is completely unrelated to any attributes. You can pick Rational even with very low Intellect and so on.


2. Resolve is rather useful for talking your way out of situations and also for lying. Perception can be useful to learn something new about people and use this knowledge to make them do as you wish. Intellect is not so important, but can be situationally useful too.


3. Go with paladins. High Resolve and Perception make good tanks.


4. It's not very noticeable. Just don't worry about it, really. 

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Most of the time, dispositions are not tied to stats. The most common exception is might, which is tied to aggressive a lot of the time. And I -think- there are a couple of resolve checks which give you passionate disposition, and int checks that might have been either clever or deceptive?

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Thanks for the information. Very informative.


1. Was wondering is their any other class with a nice build for resolve and perception. Maybe a rogue built, really a shame their is no lore npc of that class.


2. If i understand correctly how skills work. If their is a conversation option for skill it only checks your character, outside convesation events you can choose which character does it. Not many conversations seem to be tied into skill but lore is the most tied to it. Is this correct? any example of a lore situation?

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