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Chanter's book is fudged up



Sorry if this has been reported already but I didn't see it anywhere.


I have a bunch of blank entries in the B section of the list of prepared chants that I can't seem to get rid of. Also both B and C are titled "Chant 2" for some reason. I've never even added anything to C, myself, the phrases just appeared there suddenly.


This happened right after I had dismissed my chanter at the inn, and temporarily taken in a newly created wizard that I made just so could learn a new lvl 1 spell. So I quickly dismissed the wizard again and took in my chanter but forgot to check something on the wizard so I repeated the process of dismissing and bringing back the chanter again.


Also it seems like I'm unable to attach the screenshot I took. It's a 185KB jpg file, so I don't see the problem...


Uploaded it here instead: http://imgur.com/ZzxdXs2

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I managed to fix it by removing all phrases from prepared chants, except the blank ones that couldn't be removed, and then dismissed the chanter and took her back into the party again. Now the blank entries are gone and everything is back to normal.

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