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a couple of things i'd like to see in the game:

When casting a spell it would be nice if the cursor indicated if the spell is targeting a person or an area. e.g. change the color of the cursor when targeting a person. There is nothing more annoying than casting a spell and by the time you are finished the enemy is no longer there and you wasted a spell on an empty space. If you do want to target an area instead of a person maybe you can hold down shift when attacking.

Spells should have a homing ability like the arrows have; maybe the higher level spells do?

I haven't come very far in the game so maybe it already works like this, but it's nothing that I have seen so far and I haven't found anything about it in the game manual.




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If we're talking UI improvements, the first thing I would want would be a way (hold RMB?) to show an expected impact summary, listing each affected target along with its health pips and active effects. For each target, it would indicate the list of relevant effects to be inflicted, including the Glance/Hit/Crit % and expected damage/duration, based on defenses and DT for each target (with a ? if one of the inputs is a guess).

In theory you could calculate it by hand based on the info the game gives you, but it would be a pain in the ass for even one target, let alone each one in an AoE. Providing the information would hopefully encourage more tactical behavior.

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