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Visual item and character design.

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PoE is a beautiful game. The background renders are so amazing that, sometimes, I just stand around looking at them for a few seconds. 


Sadly, the rest doesn't hold up very well in comparison. Characters and items sometimes feel awkwardly out of place to me and I find myself chosing my equipment mostly according to what looks alright, instead of picking only the most useful/powerful stuff.


My PC is this wonderful black woman with brown locks, freckles and the hint of a breastplate. I managed to make an ingame model according to that avatar, but whenever I equip a hat (like one of those fancy duelist hats), my wonderful brown hair just vanishes and I turn into a cancer patient. She is wearing a cowl now.


Also, try giving Durance a cowl and his beard merges with it. It's not nice to behold, let me tell you.


I'm aware that this is, first and foremost, a personal issue of mine and a minor one at that, but I still feel that there could have been more emphasis on character models and items. Here are a few suggestions:



- Instead of three Aumaua heads with preset colors, let us choose both parts of the skin color for each head.


- Implement a "Display Helm On/Off" button, so people can benefit from the magic helm they just found without looking like a total nutjob (e.g. The monocle helm that doesn't fit onto certain models)


- Make weapon glow toggleable 


- Let us colour every part of our armor, not just the few and preset sections.


- Let us colour our weapons 


While I really don't like Diablo 3 as a whole, one thing they did right: Transmogryfication. 

For those who are not familiar with it: Once you've found a certain item, the item skin will be bound to your account and, for a small fee (of ingame currency), you can swap the skin of your current weapon with any other skin of the same item category.


Again, there are many more important things to fix right now and this is not really an issue, but I just wanted to put this out there for you to consider.

This is a single player game after all, and it should be possible to make our characters look exactly as we want. 




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Consider the Infinity Engine games upon which Pillars of Eternity was modeled and the plethora of character customization options we had in those games.  :)


I'm getting tired of the old "hat removes hair" implementation, though.  This is 2015!


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What's bugging me is whatever enchantments we put on weapons they always glow fiery, was freeze/lightning etc effects impossible?


Also too hard to sort out inventory with so many weapon/armor loots and everything above basic with a blue tint, why you no make f.i. purple tint for exceptional and orange for superb?


About coloring, I want plate armors' plate to be colorable. I won't be able to make a spiritual Rhaegar T. or Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach with these colorings in my future playthroughs :D

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