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Gilded Vale Quest bugs



I've started a cheat run to see, what could you possibly get (in terms of NPC aggro range, quests and notable drops) by doing a 'chaotic evil' run, killing everyone on sight. I've encountered 2 quest bugs, hindering my progress. My fiddling with stats might've been the cause of those two bugs, and I'm too lazy to check if that's the case, so I'm reporting those bugs anyway. PoTD difficulty, with trial of iron and expert mode on. Here's 2 bugs I've mentioned:


1) Impossible to advance "Visions and Vispers" quest because if impossibility of rest at the inn.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Arrive at Gilded Vale

2. Trigger the automatic cutscene - dialog with the magistrate

3. He sends you to the inn to rest (and updates the quest, saying to do just so)

4. Enter the inn

5. Kill the innkeeper before resting

Now, you can't advance any further, because you are required to rest at the inn to trigger the dialogue with the animancer dwarf. And without that dialogue, you can't get to the Caed Nua.

As far as I can tell you can only trigger the rest menu by dialogue with the innkeeper, and I haven't found any interactable beds on both floors.


2) "Buried Secrets" quest doesn't finish properly.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Enter the temple of Eothas

2) Speak with the NPC and receive the quest

3) Kill the NPC - questgiver

4) Quest is NOT automatically failed

5) Proceed to the lower level of the temple and interact with the body (by reaching for the soul)

6) I've selected option among the lines of "your betrayer is already dead, I made sure of that"

7) Dialogue ends, body can't be interacted with no longer, bones can't be picked up, quest doesn't end.


At this point I've murdered every NPC in Gilded Vale and Raedric's hold (including Kolsc and the NPCs that take the bodies of the hanging tree). What surprised me is that I can't enter Caed Nua normally (it just doesn't appear on the map even if you use the east exit from Black Meadow. I'm essencially stuck (and I'm really glad it was a test run and not the real one)

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