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There are a bunch of abilities and talents that modify an "attack." For example, Blinding Strike or Flames of Devotion ("The paladin's next melee attack inflicts 50% additional burn damage if it hits.").


I've heard it mentioned that abilities like Riposte are best with a 2H weapon, because if you make a Riposte attack it may as well be a hard-hitting one.


But the Wiki for Riposte says "attacks that target Deflection and Miss have a 20% chance of allowing an Instant Full Attack Riposte."


It's that phrase Full Attack that confuses me.


The Wiki says a Full Attack uses both weapons, if two weapons are equipped. So the advice about a 2H being best for Riposte doesn't make sense; a Riposte by a 2W wielder would be an attack with both weapons--and based on what I've seen of the various math threads, 2W and 2H are pretty comparable.


So... are *ALL* references to "attack" actually references to Full Attack? Does Blinding Strike's 1.25 damage mod apply to both weapons? Just one? If so, which one? Is the "Blinded" effect a separately-rolled attack, or does it proc on one--or either--weapon's attack roll? If just one, which one? Because if it's main hand, maybe you want a +ACC weapon on that main hand.

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I would assume for a Full Attack with 2W you're suffering the DR penalty on each weapon strike, whereas the 2Her only suffers the DR penalty once.  If your minimum damage for the 2H weapon is = minimum damage for each separate weapon added to together then you're essentially gaining 1DR worth of damage.  I don't know the weapons in the game well enough to say how close that matches what's actually going on.

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Full Attack is a special phrase used in the description of certain effects/powers/etc. to indicate that the character attacks with all the weapons they currently have equipped.  In other words, if something grants your character a full attack, you attack with your main hand weapon, and then also with your off hand weapon if you have one.

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Right, but the question is: for things that affect your next attack (like certain class abilities), do those apply to the dual-wielder's first attack only? Or do they apply to the dual wielder's full attack? In other words, "next attack" would actually be a dual-wielder's next TWO attack rolls, one for for each weapon.


I'm away from my game PC this evening or I'd test it myself.


I'm thinking that any reference to "attack" or other singular blows in descriptions actually means "full attack." For example, from the wiki entry for Barbaric Blow:


Description: "The barbarian deals a massive blow, causing additional Crits and extra damage on Crits for both the blow and any resulting hits from Carnage. Carnage also hits a bigger area."


Wiki box entry details box: "Area/Target: Single enemy Full Attack + Carnage"


The Rogue has a ton of talents and abilities that are also limited/active use, or otherwise with a singular fluff: Crippling Strike, Blinding Strike, Riposte, Finishing Blow. If those apply to both swings of a 2W Full Attack and not just one swing of one weapon, that's worth knowing.

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All abilities that specifically say "full attack" should apply fully to two hits while dual wielding.  


Barbaric blow tooltip in-game says it's a "full attack".


Same applies to rogue abilities that are a "full attack".



If you suspect the tooltip is lying, the only way to know is to extensively test it.

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