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Lumdala and Gaderman [spoiler requested]

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Do you have to choose only one of these two to bring to justice? If you let her snitch on him, does she disappear forever?


Or, if you take her out without making a deal, is there any way of finding out his name later.


I want to go after the big fish but I also think she's dangerous left running loose on her own.


[lol, never mind, there's an obvious answer right there in the scene -- ignore this thread please :) ]

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DID YOU KNOW: *Missing String*

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Its is possible to have his name then choose to kill them (her) later.


What I wonder is about the Lord, He has power and money, as such, can make quite some "good", still, is that the best way ?


Gray toward Dark it is, or not, mostly light if thinking to others first.

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You can agree to let Lumdala go if she gives you the name of Lord Gaderman - and when she gave it you can still kill her ("Actually, I have a more dramatic ending in mind").

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