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Since I gave a lot of **** to Dragon Age Inquisition, because it deserved it, I think it is fair to give some love to Pillars of Eternity. Why? Because it deserves it of course.


Every time I stopped playing DAI I never felt the urge to come back to it, I just wondered how much time would have taken me to get to the end.

When I play PoE I always leave it with a smile, thinking about what I will do during the next play session.


So thank you obsidian:

- Thank you for requiring me to find a grapple to be able to climb a wall.

- Thank you for making me switch to worse weapons (but with the right elemental damage) to defeat some enemies.

- Thank you for making your quests interesting and not just a matter of going to the next chekpoint.

- Thank you for creating rightly sized zones and for not filling them with useless fetch quests.

- Thank you for providing me with more than one way to traverse dungeons

- Thank you for putting into the game those narrated scripted events.

Thanks a lot for all of that and more.

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We need more of these threads. :D


Thank you for the awesome game, looking around the corner hasn't given me these vibes in a loooong looong time.

Derpdragon of the Obsidian Order

Derpdragons everywhere. I like spears.


No sleep for the Watcher... because he was busy playing Pillars of Eternity instead.

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