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When playing RPGs, I occasionally like to try and recreate characters from other media. Since I recently started watching Slayers, I thought it might be interesting to try and build Lina. Originally, I thought I'd just make her a high Might/Int wizard, because when you think of powerful magics you tend to think of Wizards. However, while wizards do have some blasting, they seem to be mostly CC, which seems out of keeping for Lina, who's mostly blasting with a bit of utility. Now I'm wondering if Cipher or Druid might make more sense.


So, I figured I'd ask everyone here: If you were going to remake Lina Inverse, from Slayers, as a character in Pillars of Eternity, how would you do it?

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Druid, hands down.

Ok. Would you recomend any of the spiritshifts over another? Currently, I'm thinking either Wolf for the knockdown>Disengage, Stag for the aoe melee incase I can't disengage, or Cat if it's attack speed buff effects spells.


Also, any suggestions on race? Right now I'm leaning Elf or Orlan. Unfortuantely, Elf doesn't really buff the atributes I'd want to pump.

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Well, the ability to shift will only have some importance at the start of the game, later it will sadly be horrible. You should focus on her to be a caster.

There is another thread where they talk about the races that should have the answer to your question about what race to pick.

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