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+% damage bug vs. DR



+% damage, like burning lash, turning wheel, etc. isn't getting properly evaluated vs. DR.


This slips by testing because in the specific case of +25%, it IS getting properly evaluated. The problem is that, for other +% damage boosts, they're also getting evaluated against 25% of the DR, rather than the relevant %. This makes +5-10% boosts negligible, including often reducing down to zero damage added, while overvaluing any +% boosts over 50%. In testing, +50% boosts are actually doing another 60-70% damage, depending on DR.


Steps to reproduce: take a monk, get lightning strikes, turning wheel, and torment's reach, and start punching. You've got an easy test for 10%, n*5%, and 50%.


Or hit something with a torch, for an easy +10% test. You'll often notice no burning damage done at all.

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Since you say 50%+ is getting overvalued, does that mean +25-49% is correctly valued?  Based on the rest of your statement it seems like anything over +25% would be getting overvalued if it's all compared against 25% of the DR.


I spent a few hours yesterday messing with adventurer monk setups and definitely noticed the issue with shock damage from Lightning Strikes being worthless on targets with even small levels of DR (ranging from 0 damage to 0.3 damage).


I'm specifically interested in Turning Wheel here.  Most of what I was doing yesterday was trying to figure out why I was losing wounds in combat without spending them and it seems like wounds have a duration (10-12 seconds is the best I could come up with, no idea if that is modified by Int).  Given duration-based wounds and supbar scaling at 1-4 wounds, I'm starting to think Turning Wheel is a lot better on paper than it is in practice.


If 6-9/10 wounds overvalues, maybe that helps some.  But against my test group, by the time the monk got to 8-9 wounds, the first stacks started to fall off and I found it difficult to maintain more than 6 wounds past that point.  Mobs in the group start to die, making generation of new wounds even harder, so ultimately it was a steady reduction in wound stacks down to 0, fluctuating back to 1 and sometimes 2 while letting one or two remaining mobs beat on the monk, but never higher than that.  And just like the shock damage from Lightning Strikes, 5-10% burn from Turning Wheel is terrible.

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