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Bug with Barbarian + Nature Godlike?



I made a Nature Godlike / Barbarian to see how much of a monster I could make him with Frenzy + Wellspring of life.

I don't know when it started happening, but Wellspring of life stopped activating. I have a feeling it either started with when I got Blooded (x1.2 damage when below 50% endurance) or Enhanced Frenzy (Frenzy now grants +6 might, +6 const  'may not be correct numbers')

When I drop below 50% endurance, it will only activate Bloodied. I dont know if it's intentional to stop abuse of stupidly high stats, as I'd be getting 

~25 Might

~20 Constitution

~22 Dexterity 

Bloodied x1.2

But rather, when I'm frenzied and below 50% health I only have

22 Might

18 Constitution

22 Dexterity

Bloodied x1.2 damage

Any idea why this is happening? I havent had enough time to make sure this happens every time I drop below half, but It seems to be happening without fail.

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If it's anything like how gear stats work, you only receive the highest bonus available for each individual stat. So you can get a rested bonus, a consumable bonus, a skill bonus, and an item bonus. But you can't double up on them.

Well that's a same. 

I guess I'll just have to settle with the "Mini frenzy" that Wellspring provides.


Thanks for the help though!



Just so I'm clear on how this works.

A) If my Armor gives +1 Dex, it will be replaced by Wellspring of life's +2, when it activates?


B) Wellspring of life will not activate if Frenzy is activated, because Frenzy gives more stats?

or will Wellspring still give +2 Dex while Frenzy still overrides the Might + Constitution?  (I only saw that my might and con wasnt as high as it could have been)


C) If Frenzy or Wellspring is activated, do still get the +1 Dex from my armor?

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Next patch will fix


Fixed multiplier on Blooded.

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As it turns out, Wellspring of Life has stopped working entirely. Frenzy isn't active, I don't have any other stat boosts that would overlap it, it doesn't appear in my active effects at all. 

I read somewhere that double clicking items causes passives to not work, I dont know if that means for the item, or passives in general.
So either that caused it to stop working, bloodied covers it up for whatever reason, or it just broke for who knows why.



Blooded is showing up in my active effects, as I'm under 50% health while Wellspring of Life isnt.

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