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[SPOILERS] Animancy and the Ending

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***O hi, I will be spoiling things immediately so please look away if you don't want that***







So do you think Thaos had something personal against animancy, or were they merely a scapegoat? I ask this because during the entirety of the game, every animancer you encounter is a bumbling idiot incapable of tying their own shoes, investing heavily in what appears to be a pseudoscience. The logical conclusion would be that they have the power to somehow conflict with Thaos and his goals, but based on ingame evidence it seems more as though Thaos thought "yeah these idiots'll work" while simply on the hunt to find a scapegoat so that no one goes investigating the Engwithian ruins or the like while the Legacy breaks out. The fact that not once do you meet a singular credible animancer seems to suggest the latter, no? And yet there's times it seems as though he has something against animancy specifically, or perhaps soul research as a whole.

"The Courier was the worst of all of them. The worst by far. When he died the first time, he must have met the devil, and then killed him."



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well, the in world animancy is in its infant stage, from what was pointed out in the game, Aedyr banned it, Vallian republics allow and Dyrford is divided on it although suspicious about it.


The reason why Thaos wants it to be removed is that Engwithian gods are basically the result of advanced animancy, so he wants it to never develop beyond the current stage. If at the same time he can empower his patron while discrediting a potential future threat, why not to do this? Thaos has a perspective of a few thousand years, so it is better for him to strt working on removing animancy earlier than later.

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Thalos didn't just wanted to use animancer as scapegoats, he wanted to destroy them. They questioned whether the legacy was really a punishment from the gods thus they could discover they the leaden key was behind it and we have to remind that Azo was close to finding a cure before Thalos ruined him.


Also Animancy is not pseudoscience it's just in a state of infancy. Alchemy was ancient Chemistry for example, they just experimented with stuff they didn't fully understand and man thought they were crazy, and even if may just managed to create green instead of gold a lot of useful knowledge came from their research.

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