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Simple questions - Simple answers

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Ehh I've heard lots of legitimate complaints about the stats in the game.


Also about every other stat system that was proposed for the game.


Right now the main problem with the stat system is this:


DPS build? Bump MIG, DEX, INT. 


Tank build? Bump CON, RES, PER.

For optimization, sure. But I'm using a Might/Con based low-Int barbarian for my off tank and it's working just fine.



"Working" does not mean "Balanced". I still do not understand why that is so hard to understand.


Here's a simple question: Do rogues do sneak attacks with ranged weapons against enemies that are not engaged with them ?




Two-handed, regrettably. :balance:


TF but my character dramatically sticks one arm straight out to fire them.


Go home Pillars, you're drunk.


There's a reason for that. They are early flintlock-like blackpowder weapons. Not only was the double-grip not "invented" in the time that inspired PoE, but you really, really do not want to have that near your face when it goes off. There is also no sight to aim through; frankly, the aim was terrible. It was not uncommmon to miss at what you today would probably consider pretty much point-blank range.


The one-hand straight-arm thin-frame aiming technique for one-handed firearms was common up to and including WW2, sometimes onward.


What is more notable is the lack of the large-ass smokescreens these things drops when fired. If you fire several arquebuses (arquebi?) after eachother (or anything with blackpowder, really) it's going to result in near-zero visibility.

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