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How does one start combat in stealth?

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I know rogues do extra damage from stealth with a certain early talent but.. how does one start a fight in stealth? enemies always see the team before getting close enough and my rogue has high stealth. 


unless the rogue has to initiate the fight?


also is there a way for a rogue to restealth during a fight?

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Rogue has to initiate the fight. You either need very high stealth, a ranged weapon, or a reach weapon. 


Shadowing Beyond is the only way to re-stealth during a fight, and that's 2 per rest. IMO it should be 1 per encounter, it's not that OP.

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i see and to backstab with range or melee i gotta get within 2 meters which is.. really difficult for most fights in narrower spaces...  and i also notice once i attack with my rogue, the game pauses cause i engaged and then everything charges at him before he even fired. even though he didnt get discovered. 

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