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Four Talents can't decide help pick please.

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Bloody Slaughter All All attacks at enemies with low Endurance convert +20% of Hits to Crits. Crits done this way have +0.5 increased crit damage multiplier.

Two-Handed Style All While wielding a two-handed weapon, deal x1.15 damage.

Barbaric Blow Barbarian The barbarian deals a massive blow that deals 1.25x damage, causing additional critical hits and extra critical hit damage for both the blow and any resulting hits from Carnage (30% Hit-to-Crit). Carnage also hits a bigger area.

Savage Attack All By attacking with unbridled ferocity, attackers are able to sacrifice melee Accuracy (-5) for a significant boost in damage (x1.2).


In what order are these the best to pick up?



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I would say Two-Handed Style, Savage Attack, Barbaric Blow, Bloody Slaughter.  In that order because I favor always-on bonuses over triggered attacks over situational bonuses.


Before I took any of those I'd take the +6% Accuracy talent that applies to the weapon I was planning to use.

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I would not take savage attack. Accuracy is very important and it increases your dps anyway since you can hit and crit with high accuracy.

I think this is highly dependant on what support you have.  

Inspiring Radiance alone can counter (or even over-counter if you abuse it pre-combat and stack it 5+ times for 25+ accuracy) the accuracy hit on savage attack.  


Personally, I'd skip Bloody Slaughter, from what I've read, it only triggers at 10% enemy hp, making its usefulness very limited (even if it did activate on 25%, it'd still be somewhat 'eh for a talent).  


I'd also recommend OP go dual-wield instead, because Vulnerable Attacks -20% aspd +5DT bypass combines well with Two-Weapon Style's +20% aspd.

Carnage also benefits more from two weapons, since all attacks get carnage'd. 

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