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So, i realy enjoy hiring adventures even if they are 1 lvl below me.Last time i go with 4 chanters (Godlikes) and now i want to make this.

I want 2 Fighters for my party.2 tanks, big shield and plate armor.Their weapons will be burning sword and freezing war hammer.

I just have question about stats.I want to give them 19 Per/Res, race human.But how important is Inteligence to fighter?Does he have any skills (like prone) that require spell durration?Is 12 Con enough?Should i aim at Dex or make ballance between Mig and Dex.

What are the essencial tallents for tanking with fighter?

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MIG : 4
CON : 18/10 (i dont think that 8 points in con is realy such a big diference.Fighter has enough heatlh anyway.So, 10 maybe?)

DEX : 15 (for reflex?)
PER : 19
INT : 3 (i dont think that spell duration is such a deal either.But what about will saves?)
RES : 19

Also, is it possible to use tallents like Heart of the storm/Scion of flames and benefit from elemental enchants on weapons?

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Sorry to basicly ,,bumb,, this, but i didnt find so much exact thread about fighter build in detail.Im curious about tallents.


Defender seems better than guardian to me.Confident aim, armored grace?What about yank?

MIG, DEX, and INT are only good for their defence boni on a fighter tank.

i always max per and res and then the rest can be evenly divided.

you could max con, but your goal should be to take as little as possible damage, and con is just your threshold.

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There's absolutely no reason to gimp yourself by putting your might that low.


Perception and resolve should be your priorities, but they don't necessarily have to be maxed. If you don't max perception and resolve, you can pick any race you want for their ability and comfortably have 18 in both stats. I don't know off the top of my head how many points that leaves you with, but you definitely don't want dexterity or might below 10, and putting intelligence that low is going to hurt your ability to use knockdown and any abilities that aren't modal.


You also shouldn't have two tanky fighters in your party. You might as well swap one for a paladin.


For tanking, Weapon and Shield style, Cautious Attacks, and Hold the Line are all good. For fighters, you might as well find a weapon group you like and get weapon specialization and weapon mastery in it.

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As i spend time in game and on this forum, i realize (and i stand by it) that points spend in COn will have less impact on performance that spended somewhere else.I play on hard as cipher, and i dump all his CON to 3, running with padded armor.I am squishy, but no less than 10 CON.Fighter will have enough health already, and any points beside standart 10 is a waste imho.


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