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Hi all.


Overall, I am loving this game. Not totally in to the combat, but really loving it overall. I have a few comments and questions:


1. After really enjoying Defiance Bay and the quests found there, I am slightly losing interest in Twin Elms tbh. I was hoping for another city similar to DB. It doesn't work anywhere near as well as a hub imho.

2. I haven't really explored the Endless Paths yet. What level is generally recommended?

3. I like the idea of the stronghold, but implementation is quite weak. Is there any chance of it being fleshed out at all.... More NPCs etc?

4. Are any quests now unable to complete after leaving Defiance Bay?

5. How different does the game actually play depending on the character you make?... Obviously I have only played once, but it doesn't seem like there has been much of a deal made of it.

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