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1. You can use Backstab only two times per rest while invisible (not stealth), without it you won't even get close to the enemy or die 2 secs into the combat. No, I don't want to initiate every combat with arbalest/gun, I want to play a melee assassin.


2. Actually  dangerous enemies who won't die in a few seconds of auto-attacking have at least 8 DR, which makes your damage output with sneak attacks laughable. Deep down you know you should be just using that shiny Estoc, because thats how the game is designed. Dual wield is good only against unarmored casters type, but you wont even get in their range because of how stealth works (only possible with invisibility)


3. Escape ability is bugged and takes too long to actually execute, you get hit in the meantime. It's not like fixing this bug will actually change anything though.



Unless rogues get single stealth and DR redesign dual wield rogue will always feel like a fifth wheel.  

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I get the impression you're trying to play your dual wield rogue in a way that doesn't really work. Rogues need debuffing and tanking support, but they can throw out tremendous single-target damage when they have it.


1) Backstab is bad, especially for dual-wield. Don't use it. Stick to sneak attacks, which dual wield takes fantastic advantage of by getting the most out of condition durations.

2) Stiletto/Mace + Vulnerable Attack + sneak attack. Go to town.

3) Yeah I ain't gonna lie engagement is terrible iemod all the way gogogo

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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On the topic of the 'IE mod' I am curious, does it actually change anything turning off engagement ? I don't really feel a need to turn it off because I don't get hit by disengage attacks. I do kind of have the feeling that if I was really keen I could possibly game the system a little against the AI since I have noticed they sometimes seem to be a little too willing to walk around in melee range.

 I am also curious how Estoc Rogues would feel. Stiletto seems like it would work better since you are getting more free DR reduction but the idea of backstabbing someone with a double handed weapon makes me laugh.

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 I am also curious how Estoc Rogues would feel.


It feels viable (if you can get past the fact your rogue is using a two hander). Stilletos have a MUCH lower base damage (its more important than DR penetration) and only -3 DR which is not enough for lots of armored opponents where its much better to just use an Estoc or even a Two Handed Sword. Dual wielding Maces might be ok but its even more anti-climatic than an Estoc imo.


I'm switching between Dagger/Dagger and an Estoc but end up using Estoc 80% of the time.

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Dual wielding Maces might be ok but its even more anti-climatic than an Estoc imo.


Conking someone on the back of the head with a five-pound steel club is anti-climactic?



"  five-pound steel club"


That kinda answers your question. When one is trying to play a dextrous , dual wield assassin I would indeed argue that smashing things with maces like some raging barbarian feels anti-climatic. 

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melee dps are mostly kinda pointless, I mean they do high damage, but ranged do as well. having a bow doesn't hurt u in terms of taking damage vs having a poleaxe or two daggers and the pathing problems and lack of focus fire is at least a moderate disadvantage. 

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