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bug: grimoire with no level 1 spells



i made a level 4 wizard in the tavern.


before leveling up, i tried to cast one of my level 1 spells i'd picked. but it was greyed out. i went in the grimoire and there are no level 1 spells in it, and i can't add any.


i gave it to my other mage i already had as my main character. she couldn't write any level 1 spells to this new grimoire either.


after i leveled up, then i found level 2 spells work fine.


there is a graphical bug with it i want to show you:




see how there's a sort of white streak on the level 1 line? weird.

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I ran into this also; did a little experimenting - apparently you can avoid this by kicking out a party member BEFORE creating the wizard.  Either that or I did something else right, because I was able to make one that way, by having a party slot available.

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