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fire forged Dr not showing up



I was fighting the bear in the cave in the first zone after the biawac. My armor gave me 9 resist to slash and I was under 50 % health. The bear hit for 23 final damage when I looked in the text it read my Dr of 8.8 was subtracted from the original 33 damage. I loaded and fought the battle several times and while I always got 2 retaliation damage from the battle forged (damage occured even above 50%) I never got 4 Dr subtracted from the bears damage.

The questions: does battle forged still receive the 4 Dr ? Or is it only a fire DMG retaliation? Or am I seeing a bug?

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+1. Please fix this, because I also want to play as a fire godlike, as soon we get a patch :).


Additionally there is a clipping issue, whenever you try to wear a cape as a godlike having aumaua body time.

I think it's quite easy to fix, the only problem is that the game thinks you have human body type when wearing the cape, so it's literally inside your back.


Edit: an additional note, I'm not sure if this is a bug but the fire dmg on hit scales with level. I tried to lvl my char to lvl 12 and it increased to around 28 dmg on hit. honestly this semmed to be a bit too much for being balanced.

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Might be related to the armor equipping bug that disables racials/passives. Have you equipped your armor by double-clicking it?


If that's the case it's a known issue.

Looks like you are right, and the issue is caused by the double clicking bug. Tried to create a new char to test it, and the bonus DT was added below 50% endurance.

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