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[Bug] Barbarian "Blooded" description is wrong



The description for the barbarian "Blooded" ability says it grants "x1 damage". Now, judging by the convention that's been established by other abikities/weapons for these sorts of bonuses, this should say "x2" if it really does grant double damage. Or "x1.2" if Sensuki's old thread about this issue from the Beta is correct.


Either way, the current description is confusing and wrong. Or the ability is useless. One of these two is true. :p

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It actually says '+ x1' Damage. Look at any other ability and there's usually a + before the figures. Which is just another way of stating x2 as a total, but you'd never say + x2 unless it was tripling the damage.

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once triggered as active effect it shows 1.25 .. BUT IT DOES NOTHING (damage range of char and combat log damage wise) ..


Worse than the description being off IT HAS NO GAMEPLAY EFFECT  (other than wasting an ability pick ) ..


Blooded test . (adds the 25% damage , doesn't show it in LCS) . Tested with 10-10 damage range battle axe to eliminate RNG .. 21% might bonus, 15% fighting spirit bonus (she's only human) .


addability Companion_Calisca(Clone)_1

Calisca was granted blooded. 

Calisca activates blooded ..

Calisca hits Xaurip for 12 slash damage

16.1 - DR (4.0) = 12.1 slash

10* (1 + 0.21 + 0.15 + 0.25 ) = 16.1

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