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Hire an adventurer? Eder? Aloth? Advice on first..

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I am in a new game and wanted to get my party started. I have money to hire a lvl 1 adventurer. I also cannot figure out how to hire or (if I want to);" Eder". Should I hire him OR create a customer fighter instead? I am not sure what I should have, I was leaning I guess to an Enchanter or a Barbarian if I am going to keep Eder. Also how about a rogue, Druid or Ranger? Again I am simply going for optimum. I can sell a bit more and possibly get another adventurer.


What is your advice?


Thanks much...

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Eder is not a bad tank. But if you want to go optimum, then you can probably create a better fighter (or perhaps Paladin) yourself. 

Next you'll probably need a DPS character to do big damage. I'm fond of rogues and their sneak attack for this. And since there are no permanent rogue companions, this might be nice to create yourself. 


Then I'm sure you'll want a magic user or two. You get Aloth (a wizard) fairly early. I'm fond of his personality but again, for 100% optimum play, you can probably create better yourself.


Still, if it's your first time, I recommend just playing around and seeing what you like. Different strokes for different folks and all that. 

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You can create custom adventurers better than any of the recruitable companions, they aren't min-maxed. The most effective team would include the PC and five custom hirelings. The question is, do you really want to go this way on your first playthrough?


Eder will make a decent tank. For your custom adventurer it would probably by best to create classes you can't find in the game, that is rogue, barbarian or monk. I have experience only with rogues and I can say they have a really high damage potential. Sneak attacks on foes affected by different status effects are really great. Melee rogues require a lot of micromamagement, ranged rogues would work beautifully in a party with other ranged characters buffed with the reload speed chant.

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I can afford two custom compainions. I am thinking a melee rogue or a Barbarian and an Enchanter? Ill pick up Eder I suppose. 


How do I go about getting him (Eder)? I met him on way into town but I am not given an option to hire/add him (yet). 

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If you're going to hire an adventurer, you should make him or her a monk, barbarian, or rogue -- these are the three classes that don't have Obsidian-made NPC's.


Eder works fine as a tank. He starts off with Weapon Focus: Ruffian, which gives him a bonus to certain weapons, including stilettos. You can find arguably the best stiletto in the game in Caed Nua on the first floor of Oda Nua's Endless Path. Doing the blacksmith's quest also nets you a very nice shield that you can slap on him. With those two items and the best suit of armor you can put on him, Eder should serve you just fine as a tank -- you don't have to make another fighter to replace him.


I would probably make a monk, in this case. I did it on a whim as my first adventurer and it ended up being a good idea. It works as an "off-tank" to help take some of the heat of Eder.

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Thank you. I was looking at Monks. The mechanics seem odd in that they have to get wounded which seems contrary to playstyle. 


How about a Barbarian?


Hi Barbarian can be great damage dealer but you have to be carefull because he is kinda squishy if you build him only for damage, he got low deflection and can get ass kicked when surrounded, monk seems better as dps/tank hybrid

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Eder works fine as a tank. He starts off with Weapon Focus: Ruffian, which gives him a bonus to certain weapons, including stilettos. 


Actually if you recruit him fast enough you can pick his specialization yourself and I went for Soldier Focus:


1) There is good warhammer for w+shield tanking (+1 engaged).

2) Arbalest is best ranged alternative or combat starter.

3) Greatsword/pike is much better for fighter +damage class bonuses.

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