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Bug: enemy AI crash, stop fighting




AI stopped working, happens on Searing Falls. I have a feeling it happened while fighting the boss in the cave, I didn't realised it at first but I stopped taking damage during this fight. I thought it was odd considering the enemy.

My companions are only NPC (Durance, Aloth, Eder, Kana, Sagani). Casted all available spell and also used summons  (3 drakes, spider and the one from the horn).


After that, the AI stopped attacking me (any fight, any map). E.g. I cleaned Pearlwood buff without taking any damage.

I don't have a save from the earlier fight in the cave so I can't go back again but luckily I saved before clearing  Pearlwood buff (when I realised it was bugged) so I will restart from there.


Anyone getting this bug, reloading from backup save didn't fix it either, restarting the game however fixed the issue. 


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