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Anyone know where Curnd can be found in Ondra's Gift district?

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One of the bandits in Act I drops a Tattered Note, which reads: "I need you to deliver our haul for Curnd to sell. He will not speak to you unless you know the words: 'Yc Nybeon Eyldfeon.' He's only found in the Gift after dark."

I'm assuming "the Gift" refers to the Ondra's Gift district of Defiance Bay. I've been wandering around at night, searching for Curnd, with no luck. Is he hiding somewhere, or is the Tattered Note simply a red herring (or possibly an Easter Egg, re: Cernd)?

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he is only there during the night. and if you know the passphrase you can get him to trade with you (he got nice jewels^^)


he can also tell you where to go for the stolen chest-quest you can get in the same part of the city.

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