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Quest bug, Undying heritage - sustenance for Aldheim



I have encountered a bug in the quest getting sustenance for Aldheim. I released the captives in Icantha`s house long before I went to the tower where Aldheim wants sustenance. Now I am stuck as they do not reappear, so much for unlinear gameplay. Do I need this to progress ingame? I play solo, so it takes time getting around. Reloading will take me back 30 hours worth of gameplay.


Fix: Get meat stew from Icantha through conversation option.

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I'm on this quest now. I have no idea how to get the meat stew from Icantha.

The only person that you can send to get eaten is the Prisoners and Saeda, but if you already saved them, then you are out of luck, cause you are playing a good buy, and good guy do not sent people to get eaten. By the way its not needed to progress at all, it was just an evil thing that you could do. And you get a little power boost from being evil, but its totally not necessary to progress the story at all. And its not a bug. 

If you were playing as a evil character, you would have left the prisoners alone to be eaten by Icantha anyways. 

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