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Object inventory not working anymore..





I played around 30 minutes into the game and I have two characters but when I pick up objects they don't appear in the objet inventory!


I tried reloading the game from a saved game but same problem!



Please fix this bug ASAP.



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I didn't do anything..I just picked up the objects and they should appear instantly like before normally..There is "vault" but I checked and nothing is in there..Please help I can't fight stronger enemies without these new items...

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Im not actually playing the game so I don't have experience with your particular problem. I believe the way it is supposed to work is that you have individual character inventory (which is limited) and you have a party inventory called the "Stash / Vault" (which is infinite). I don't know what causes loot to be deposited in either individual inventory or the "Vault" but it should be in one of those locations. I seem to remember something about the "Vault" not being accessible unless you are Resting but that might have changed to being accessible at any time. Maybe go to an Inn and see if anything is in the "Stash / Vault"?


If not, hopefully someone else will come along with some answers for you.

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