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Engwithan scepter parts?

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I found these during my normal habit of exploring everything and looting everything that isn't marked stealing (and some things that are). They went directly to the question section of my stash, but I have no idea what they're for!

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I got all that, but I picked the wrong option to get it--now I have to figure out who the animancer is all on my own.



its Nans in the Sanitarium



ps: should I sell the Engwithan Scepter or keep it ?

ps2: how do u create a spoiler tag in this forum ?

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Honestly - it is not just a fine scepter. It has increased attack speed, which makes it *really* fast. Perfect if you have a mage with penetrating blast.

Remember kids - fine/exceptional/superb enchantment can be crafted, but other stuff can't

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