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Thanos soul dialoge not activating



I beleive a scripting error occured when I defeated Thanos prior to defeating both judges.  Battle music immeateatly ended. 12 second latter when the second judge was down caused a game freeze.


Forced game restart and recoverd Save game data corrected this but,


Thanos soul is not selectable / unable to advance end game dialoge.  Trail of Iron save may be corrupted

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I can only get him to 2/5 hp, then he uses some soul stuff spell that makes a barrier around him and I think he posesses one of the judges. The first time I fought him, he regained full hp after killing each judge and when I killed him, the game froze.

The second time he recovered his hp only once, and then I killed both judges and could interact with his soul.

tl;dr - just fight again lol

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