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So, anybody else just hate the rest mechanic?  I am still very early in the game, but I already loath the rest mechanic.  Especially with how much my wizard is screwed by it.  Sorry, can't do actual wizard things, have to save those up like bottles of water in the desert, just sit back and watch your wizard auto attack..over, and over, and over again with his little scepter and then MAYBE get a chance to go wild on big battles and use up your spells in the blink of an eye.  Makes the whole thing feel meh.  Maybe wizards get more fun later.


 So back to resting, you have to waste money getting camping supplies (Why is everything one shot?  why don't they have reusable tents?) and if you run out, you have to drag yourself ALL the way back to a hotel.  Which is another problem.  Ok, so far I have already came across abandoned camps, houses, and other locations with beds/sleeping bags..etc.  Why can't I rest here?!?!?!


I remember when they mentioned this very early in the game designs on kickstarter and at the time it sounded like a bad idea...so far I am even more convinced its a bad idea.  What is the point besides a useless time sink and an unfun task of running back and forth to civilization locations to restock and rest?


Still love the game so far, but the resting mechanic is a big negative to me.

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