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I have no need to ration spells when 4-5 encounters puts several chars into yellow health.


4 to 5 encounters is a lot.  Compare to BG2.  that's about the time it takes when you need to rest just to get spells back in that game.  Except in BG2 you might find someone at 1/2 health then in a quandary about whether to use up your healing spells or not.  But with endurance it feels more fluid, since everyone starts a fight off fresh.


I find sometimes that I just let a character go unconscious, because restoring some of that endurance may cause even more health to be lost.


I like how it's working out to be honest.

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In a way, didn't IE games have the same problem?

No because IE had healing. I'd run with a druid and a cleric and it was fine. Most fights didn't require spells after all. You just ration them till the tough fights. It was pretty rare to run out even in a big dungeon. 4-5 encounters would usually mean 4 easy fights and one semi difficult one. The four easy fights would be covered by 2-3 healing spells and the difficult one you'd use a couple wizard spells. Usually you wouldn't need to really start slinging till the "boss".


Some people would call that "too easy" but it was hard in the strategic sense. This game is far easier in that respect. I have little need to use strategy because the game doesn't give me a choice. It forces me to rest and there's not really any restriction on resting. Even on super hard you get 2 supplies and an extra one or two laying around everywhere. Even if I actually had to rest less that would depend on tactics and not strategy. It would be about fighting better instead of planning better.

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