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The Godlike ascend- An AAR

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Apologies if this is not the right place to post this but it seemed the best place to do so :)





The four Godlike met when Naeris the hunter pulled Ceranai from the wreckage of the wreckage of a slave ship due for defiance bay. Had the ship reached its destination Ceranai would have lived the rest of his days in servitude. Enslaved at birth for no reason than his rare features Ceranai had long ago given up any dreams of freedom, for should he ever escape his fiery countenance would allow him no anonymity. Naeris too had known rejection her whole life and had resorted to an isolated existence in the forests, living off the land.






In the village Ceranai had grown up in he had been the sole Godlike for miles and though he knew he was not the only one of his kind he was shocked to meet a kindred spirit. Naeris was an unparralled hunter and her affliction allowed her to easily blend into the forest. She knew that the Ceranai's wounds were beyond her ability to repair and so took him to a nearby town. Both Godlike were refused entry but a sympathetic guard told them of a dwelling to the north where an afflicted healer and her companion lived.




The pair struck out for the camp and upon arrival the moonlike Tiala rushed them inside to and began her work. The healing looked like it had no chance of success until Rugoroth entered and a strange thing happened. Naeris was holding Ceranai down to stop him moving and Tiela was at work stitching his wounds when Rugoroth laid a hand on Tiela's shoulder for support. Upon this contact all four Godlike were transported to a vision in a realm not of the world, where the ground shone with a purple glow and the sky was dark. A voice spoke and though it made no sound all four Godlike heard it in their minds. 






"The Gods have abandoned the people of this land, families are torn asunder, wars wage throughout and the Gods watch on. I am the God known as Wael and though I am weaker in power to my brethren I can no longer watch as they ignore the suffering of the world. My connection to this plane is tenuous and already I feel it fading but know this: I am your creator, the walls between planes is weak at the moment of birth and at that moment I empowered each of you with great abilities. I am sorry that you have lived such hard lives but know that your suffering was not for naught, it all conspired to bring you here in this place at this time. With the four elements working as one you shall have power greater than any one individual and I task you to use this power wisely."

As the voice finished talking it faded in volume until the last words were barely a whisper


"You must right the wrongs of my brethren and mend the land. Alas I wish I could say more but my power wanes, go with my blessing, you must save us all"


And so the Godless Godlike were formed.

End part one-

I have some nice pics from my assault on raedric's keep that i might use but I don't want this to be particularly long so Im probably gonna grab some screenies from several different quests and put together a couple of chapters. Ill see how it goes :)

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