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AUDIO ISSUES RECAP - (Spoiler, care)



1 - i noticed sometimes the ambient effects don't trigger at all (completely missing, u can hear only main party footsteps) and doing again a transition (interior\exterior)  seems to trigger them properly.



2 -Some interior music doesn't trigger properly; for example, if i go inside the lighthouse from Ondra's Gift, the Ondra's Gift theme will continue playing instead of the correct one (should be the "sanitarium.ogg" if i remember well).


When inside, the only way to trigger the proper music is by reloading a savegame (located inside the lighthouse).


-Same issue with the sanitarium itself: If you go inside, the brackenbury music will continue playing, and even if you  switch floor, the music don't trigger. 


Useful information about this issue is that in both cases, a quest was active. Also, the ogg file is the same, so maybe it is something related to it.


Both Sanitarium and lighthouse are scary places with a strong mood, so i think it is very important that the correct theme is triggered, otherwise the atmosphere is broken (not so good going into a haunted place with the dreamy city music instead of the correct, scary one.)



3-the unsummon creature effect (es: chanter skeletons) has a higher volume than normal.



4-Both Cad Nua and Dyrford village themes trigger on every interior\exterior transition, and this can be annoying, 

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