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For stats id focus on: might, dex, perception > resolve > constitution > intellect (dump it). As for talents etc make sure you get enough accuracy (weapon focus for example) and try the vulnerable attack modal ability (because DW damage suffers from armor).

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Int to increase auras and AoE radius, Might and Dex to deal decent damage as second wave attacker and cast fast CC spells.


Chants: buffs and debuffs (DR for example)

Spells: charm and crowd control like AoE paralyze, maybe summons, AoE damage


I'd not really dual wield, better to stay behind a tank and get a reach weapon like the pike or a crossbow / firearms. For range attacks Wood Elf is quite a good choice. Island Aumaua for an additional weapon slot to fire multiple guns / crossbows could be interesting too with melee in mind.


The chanter is a bit too squishy to be a front liner IMO so I'd use him as second wave attacker. It also takes some time to build up chanting points to cast.


Taking Perception or Resolve is not useful IMO, if you manage your party movement correctly you gain little from the deflection or concentration. Interrupt is underwhelming I think. Constitution is not useful when you plan on not getting hit, investing points has too little an effect compared to other stats so you can dump it a little. This isn't min-maxed and it should work alright.



You could build this as a deflection tank wearing heavy armor with summons and stuns though other classes fill this role better




(either Orlan)

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I don't understand? Everyone here gave good advice? Have you really not gotten into the game to play because somebody hasn't provided you a build you're satisfied with in several days?


Max might and dexterity. The rest of your attributes don't really matter after that.


Find a weapon you like and take weapon focus for it. Dual-wield that weapon, then go down the fighter path and gain weapon mastery.


Take offensive talents that suit your wants.


It's that simple.

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Any update? Can someone share some experience? I want build dual wield fighter for Path of the Damned and wonder about stats.


Ive been running an off-tankish DW fighter in PotD and have some experience to share. First of all, a DW warrior can work really well in PotD if carefully constructed - and I mean REALLY well, as in one of the best and most useful characters in my party. Obviously you will still need a dedicated full tank in PotD with a big shield and tanking talents, but the reason I prefer a fighter over a rogue for this job is that the fighter gets enough hp + constant recovery to handle tanking two or three enemies while dishing out serious damage. The damage might be slightly lower than the Rogue could do, but actually not that much as a fighter can be built entirely dedicated to doing damage. Barbarian is also a possibility, with about similar tanking capacity, but I really prefer single target dps in PotD despite there being more enemies.


The main reason why I like DW for my off-tank fighter, which really makes him awesome and makes me like the PoE ruleset, is that it works very well in conjunction with a really heavy armor. Why? Because DW with fast weapons has the lowest possible recovery time while 2H has a really high recovery time, which means that DW is suffering very little from even a +50% recovery armor (Its like 0.33 seconds I believe). If you want to go 2H you should consider the lightest possible armor, which in turn means very limited tanking capacity in PotD (as you wont have a shield either), and then I'd suggest a rogue fully dedicated to dps instead. 


So, a DW fighter in really heavy armor is awesome. He is one of my best damage dealers, capable of tanking whatever the dedicated tank leaves behind, and due to his high accuracy his knockdowns hit hard which makes him very capable of protecting back row squishes. As for stats it is quite straight forward = mig, dex, con as high as possible, then perception and resolve for additional defenses, and dump intellect. I went with the anti-stun/prone maua, maybe a dwarf or orlan might be doable as well. For weapons I currently use stilettos (and a pistol to open with) because they are fast, penetrate DR and there are some really good one's mid game at least. Combine that with vulnerable attack and you have some -8DR. Alternative weapon choices could be sabers or maybe maces, although neither are fast so they suffer a bit more from a heavy armor. 

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I agree on dumping Int on a fighter. Go all the way to 3! You can get might up to 21. Dex up to 18. Per and Res either 13 each or one set to 16. If you are looking for a Dual Wield DPS build.


If you are looking for 2H  Damage/Pseudo Tank Build you can go Might 21, Per 16 and Resolve 18. Good hybrid.The plain fighter doesn't really need AOE or Duration boost. And Resovle negates the will penalty of 3 Int.


So if its your PC Int is only needed for RP purposes but I've found high Might, Resolve and Perception to be better than just high Int for RP purposes.

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