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Loading crash/bug, leaving Raedrics keep



Hey, I'm experiencing the bug where I cant get out of Raedrics castle anymore.


I play on path of the damned difficulty in expert mode and I really don't want to reset the zone, as that feels cheaty to me.


Is there any official word on when this bug will get fixed or will I have to restart my game if I don't want to cheat my save files?



details on my personal crash:

I went up the vines into the castle and I went inside to the area where the priest is who told me of this guy he wants me to save and he would help me, but now i am trying to leave the area and can no longer go out of that zone to the outside. If I delete the raedric castle external lvl file inside the savegame i can, but then everything respawns, which seems super cheaty to me so I really dont feel like continueing my playthrough doing something like that.


I would really like for this to get fixed soon, because I think I might shelve the game for now because of it, even though I have been enjoying it quite a lot.


Well, i might try another playthrough I guess, but those shades in that temple were a pain to kill on path of the damned difficulty. Not looking forward doing that again. :D

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yeah this bug is known for days, stuck for the same reason, guess they dont give a crap now that we gave them our cash

They've already replied recently in another big thread that it's been fixed/shouldn't occur anymore when they release a patch.


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