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Does Eder have a +25 point hidden deflection bonus?

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I can't count for exactly 25 points of Eders 81 point deflection in my game. My other fighter has a 41; 15 points of that difference is due to talents Eder has. His deflection is so high that if he can fight mobs one at a time, he can basically tank for ever after the entire rest of my party is dead. (hard)

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Hmmm... it looks like my Main (fighter) isn't getting the +25 Deflection bonus for being a fighter. That's unfortunate. He goes down very quickly in combat.


edit -- nah that's not it. Eder might be getting it twice?

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Huh, interesting. I seem to have the druid stag defense buff permanently on.

"When the foul sore of envy corrupts the vanquished heart, the very exterior itself shows how forcibly the mind is urged by madness. For paleness seizes the complexion, the eyes are weighed down, the spirit is inflamed, while the limbs are chilled, there is frenzy in the heart, there is gnashing with the teeth."

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