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Od Nua level 13 circle chamber, what do i do from here?

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I reached level 13 of Od Nua and online guide says i need to be in this room, click on the button in the middle and the wall will open then i can speak with the ghost to get a password to progress. but when i got here it was already open and the ghost isnt giving me any passwords, nor can i acccess that button. it glows blue but nothing happens when i click it!


anyone know what to do? 





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Did you learn ancient Engiwthan from the Vampire? I think that's a prerequisite.


Which is what the fellow meant by finish heritage hills.


im not sure actually.. do you know which quest leads to learning the language? i turned in the only 2 question i seem to have related to heritage hill; finding the sentinals and saving the girl. i dont think i have anything else.

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oooh i still havent done the Undying Heritage part of Heritage hills.. i see. i actually stopped doing the main quest just before finishing Never Far from the Queen in the catacombs, which is the pre req to acquire Undying Heritage.


Thanks everyone :)

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i found 1 south of the one in the circular room but he doenst talk. :S is there an other else where?


1 to the south that says they will use the password against od nua's followers. One in the North East that talks about the password. Choose that you are not a follower of od nua or whatever that text string was.

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