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17+ in Might/Dex/Int


I stack int as priority personally. Long durations on confusion and paralysis is amazing, and it improves debuffs and some damage over time stuff too. 


I chose Wood Elf, though I'm having a hard time judging the accuracy bonus's distance limit or if it's even working honestly(+Accuracy is really strong for Cipher since it makes your CC more reliable). Island Aumaua is great for carrying more guns too, and +Might. Godlike seem like they'd be good for Int+Dex, but Helms > their racials IMO.


Also can't go wrong with Hearth Orlan if just for the Minor Threat hit to crit coversion.

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I'm at level 5 now with my ranged cipher and I'm very happy with it. It's very much a glass cannon, but although I hesitate to call it optimal, it's definitely a very powerful build.


Race: Wood elf (the accuracy is pretty awesome)


18 mig

8 con

5 per

19 dex

19 int

10 res


Really the defensive stats are kind of unimportant with this build. You want to max might, dex and int though. I could have had 19 might and only 18 int, but I feel that it's my cipher's role to debuff like crazy, and for that, int is king. With a nice amulet I'm currently at 21 int, and that makes my debuffs brutal.


My latest discovery is how well this works with a chanter in your party just chanting the level 2 chant that increases ranged reload and attack speed. It makes guns very viable even without Gunner or weapon switching. This is important because blunderbuss is great with draining whip. Wood elf helps against the low accuracy of firearms.


If you do want to go the weapon switching route, Island Aumaua is the best.

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when it comes to attribute stats I wouldn't worry about race since you can redistribute as much as you want, only thing it will affect is whether the maximum of a given stat is 17, 18, or 19 (20 with background later).


So if you do want to mix max I recommend looking at race bonusses other than to stats - in my opinion they compare like this (if you want purely ranged):


Best: Wood elf, death godlike (damage bonus against low health enemies)

Neutral: Boreal dwarf (situational accuracy bonus), human, pale elf, other godlike, orlan

Worst: Aumaua, mountain dwarf


I would probably pick wood elf for the accuracy if I were to min/max a ranged cipher. I personally picked human as I like both their bonus and for RP reasons, also it works well with the way I play him where he functions as a ranged first and then later during the fight wades in as an offtank.


Statwise I would go Int+Dex maxed out to make sure you hit often, get points fast to cast spells with debuffs lasting a long time. Rest into might for added damage.

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