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I'm loving my cipher. Or let me put it this way. If I had a party of five ciphers and one tank and had to improve it somehow, I'm not sure I'd remove a cipher or add one. However, much of my success depends on her landing her spells in particular, but also her attacks.


Now, in which ways can accuracy be increased? As far as I can tell, dexterity does not aid it, though level ups do help. But items? And is there a class out there that can buff my dudes' and dudette's accuracy a lot? I have some room in the party.

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Use 1 hand weapon, leaving the other hand free. That gives you a huge boost to accuracy with the main weapon.

Since you are not a tank, you dont need a shield. And since focus gain depends on damage done, and not only on how many times you attack, you dont need to dual wield.

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Forest elves get an accuracy boost at range as does the marksman talent, priests get early spells and abilities that boost accuracy in an area, paladins get an accuracy boosting aura a bit later.


And rather than boosting your own, debuffing enemies defences is also viable.

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