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I can't seem to add spells into a grimoire

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Not sure if this is working as intended but...


I went to the inn and hired a grimoire bot.  Created a level 1 wizard, added some level one spells I did not have memorized, then took his grimoire and dismissed him.


I thought this would give me a new grimoire to use but it seems I can't add any spells to that grimoire.  Is that working as intended to keep people from getting easy grimoires to fill up or is it a bug?


I was still able to learn the spells I have yet to learn (wizard starts off in a crippled state, while they have more total spell options, the fact that they have to scratch and claw their way to learn them means that priests/druids that get their entire slate of spells for use each level functionally have better access and variety of spells to use... at least at the start.

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I think this may be a bug as i just bought a lvl 5 wizard adventure who has his lvl 1 spells all blacked out (lvl 1 area is blacked out and no spells are selectable). I also cannot asign any spells to the lvl 1 section.




Just recreated this bug by buying another wizard and having lvl 1 spells all unable with the grimoire it comes with. If i switch the grimoire with another one it then lets me actually fill in the first level spell section.

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