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Kind of depends, in general faster weapons do more DPS. But 2H (slower stuff) does more to higher DR targets. It can be a good idea to find a weapon catagory that has 2 weapons you want (a 1h and a 2h). DW the 1H, have the 2H as backup. That was my plan though I've found, for the most part, the DW works just fine for most things.

Def Con: kills owls dead

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someone out there may of done the numbers but I'd say do what you want to because its prolly close to the same.  Do you want to attack much faster with weaker hits or harder and slower?  2h would make missing more painful but damage reduction off of every attack may end up blocking a larger % of your dmg with fast weaker attacks.  I'm not a numbers guy but it sorta makes sense that it might work that way.  Only other thing I can offer is I know the dual wield talent gives 20% attack speed on top of the rest, no clue what the 2h one does.  One also has to take armor into account because heavier armor has high recovery speed debuffs which does seem to include attack speed and I certainly don't know how thats calculated but if its a % slow based on the current attack speed then it might more heavily impact 2h idk.  I got a dual wield cipher because atk speed is directly tied to my mana but for a fighter, your on your own

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