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Hi folks,


I get the whole damage types and DR stuff, but I'm struggling to get or find any reference to how speed effects the efficiency or overall damage. Is it to do with being interrupted?


So I have the option of a fast weapon that causes 10-18 damage or an average weapon that causes 14-22 damage for example...


How do I know which is better as damage/ second?


And how does dual wield fit into all this?


I'm happy to some degree to Role Play my way through this, but it's annoying when I find a new weapon and i have no idea if it's better than the one I have or not.


Is there any reason for a rogue to dual wield or use fast weapons?





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I feel that speed is a stat I need to be able to see. As it is, it's a guessing game. My weapon has an "average" speed.. (what's that?).. my armor has -% to speed. (that sounds bad.. but I don't know how bad..) I  Really, really, really want to know what my recovery speed is and what exactly is going on with that stat.

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As I understand it, the attack speed is stated on the weapon. It is modified negatively by recovery time and positively by action time(DEX).

I'm not sure how much dual wielding and the dual wielding trait affects attack speed, however.

Attack speed is listed as slow, average, or fast.  I can't find anything that explains how fast "slow" is, however. 

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