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Can't see how many uses per rest my spells have

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Sorry but this is probably a stupid (like really retarded) question. I am in love with this game and everything is absolutely wonderful, but one thing is bothering me:


I can't seem to find where I can see how many uses per rest my spells have. When I hold the mouse over my rouge abilities it say "1 use per encounter". But when I hold the mouse over my wizards spells is says no "1 use per rest" or nothing. I have checked the detailed information about the spells and everything but can't seem to find it. Please, PLEASE help. This is bothering me to the worlds end now that I am thinking about it.


Thanks in advance.

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You get a certain amount of casts from each spell level per rest. The number of caats can be seen on the spell level icons in the ability bar.


Thank you so much. Now I can see it :) One more question, I now have a lvl 3 spell but no lvl 3 spell icon can be seen in the ability bar. Is this because I "bought" this lvl 3 spell before my wizard have a high enough lvl to actually use these spells?

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