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Experiencing Spurratic Micro Freezes! Help?

Ted Striker


I'm experiencing random freeze issues. There's no lag at all, it's small spurts of freezing while doing everything, like picking up crafting ingredients off the ground or during combat when attacking or using an ability. Can anyone help me smooth this out? I have an ASUS G750 ROG Laptop. It runs Star Citizen for Christ Sake, but I get these little freezes. I experienced them in Divinity Original Sin also, but I played through them. I want this game to run perfect though.... any ideas?


Some Specs:

Windows 8.1 / 64 bit

i7-4740HQ cpu 


Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 780m....


Also running Norton 360....

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Same, and I also have an Asus ROG Laptop of a similar generation.


I plan on posting more details later but I am still behind the "wait for moderator" wall, which is taking me a while to get through since I'm not that damn chatty. >_>


Mine seem to only happen during combat BEHIND trees - you know, when you can't see a damned thing but the circles and there's a lot of death. Seems to happen in woods where I get swarmed by a lot of enemies and things go south - IE, long fights with knockouts.


When I look at output.txt, there's a -lot- of corrupted file warnings and missing graphics, so I am wondering if it really is connected to the shadow outlines I think that are supposed to be displayed for when you're behind foliage? As for the corrupted files, I suspect those warnings come from using IE Mod since I get those warnings regularly when the game is playing fine.

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The problem seems rather specific to combat though, the file corruption errors are likely checksums (since I am using a modded exe). These normally seem to do no harm, the debugger just bitches.


I suspected it was the actual missing images, but who knows? When I do get the hangs, Windows will popup one of those dialogs that say it has "stopped responding" - but if I wait, it comes back. Then again, I also am seeing a bunch of "HandleD3DDeviceLost - Skipped frame because GfxDevice is in invalid state (device lost)" messages too now.


This followed by "HandleD3DDeviceLost

  HandleD3DDeviceLost: needs reset, doing it
D3Dwindow device not lost anymore"


Also lots of Null Reference exceptions, but Unity is .... fussy. The devs will know what is important.


The one time I was able to catch more info, it said something like "AppHangB" was the culprit. Appropriately named, lol.

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Since this got buried so quickly, I am re-reporting it. 


The freezes happened again - each time for 5-10 seconds - during yet another drawn out fight. This time I wasn't in the woods behind trees, but inside a building. Only consistency is that this is during near TPK fights where everyone is dying and I am using every damn spell I can sling. So it's really testing out the fx and animations.


I am not seeing a way to attach files at the moment, however. BUt I have backed up the output.txt for reference. 


In AR_0604_Stronghold_Great_Hall, I was seeing such errors as:


NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at Usable.get_IsRevealed () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at SceneTransition.RefreshIcon () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at SceneTransition.OnDisable () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 


(LOTS of these null bugs)




Shroud: Could not find bone defined in "F_HUM_Cape01": Export_Skeleton   (a few)
Paperdoll Character doesn't have the specified bone (primaryWeapon) for Weapon Attachment.  (a few)
.... And LOTS more of the following 3 variants: 
Anim Event Warning on attack variation 71! Missing Show Slot events!
Anim Event Warning on attack variation 50! Show Slot with no corresponding Hide Slot for slot: PrimaryWeapon
Anim Event Warning on attack variation 52! Show Slot with no corresponding Hide Slot for slot: PrimaryWeapon


... In other areas, there have also been a lot of missing textures for:

Asset not found at path: Art/Character/Male/Textures/Body/CL/CL08/m_Belt_Wide01_V02
... but I am at least not getting the File Corruption warnings, since I ain't running IE Mod now.


If I can upload later (I am still under moderator approval), I will try.

Edited by Duchess of Kvetch
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... Not sure if anyone is paying attention to this, since it's not titled with a [bUG]. But I am still seeing this weirdness.


Once again, it happens during long, protracted fights, that are going poorly - lots of spells (I cast a wide variety since I'm desperate), so there's a LOT of particle fx animations. And death animations as well. ^_^  In this most recent case, I decided to walk out the front door of Raedric's Hold and start a big fight, out of curiosity... bad idea, but I still tried!


I've included the output.txt file and DxDiag. Note once again all the instances of "Anim Event Warning on attack variation X" where X is a number. We're also showing bugs with missing Bestiary entries, though maybe those are intentional and "kith" are skipped.


AND of course, our old friend NullReferenceException in Usable.get_IsRevealed ().



Asset not found at path: Art/Character/Textures/Hair/Hair01/m_Hair05_V02
The file corruption warnings are back, since I'm using IEMod again (I tested to see what sort of "false positives" it was generating in the log, but it's not associated with the combat slowdowns/freezing animation/lag I'm seeing).
Save game was too large to upload, so here's a savegame on Google drive, from right before going thru the front door of the Keep: 



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